Does Honda have transmission problems on the Accord


If you are considering a new car purchase, I suggest you read the following.

Search google for the keywords "Honda" "accord" "transmission" "noise" "whining" "whine" and follow the links.

For the quick info on this problem take a look at and search for "accord" "transmission" "whining" "whine" You will find that Honda has had this problem for some time and is not willing to take care of it.

My wife and I bought a new 2004 Honda Accord EX V6 from Jerry Damson Honda in Huntsville, Alabama in January of 2004.

The car is Desert Mist in color and has the XM satellite radio. We were very happy with our purchase. Jaime (the sales rep at Jerry Damson Honda in Huntsville, Alabama) was excellent and assured us the service department at Damson Honda of Huntsville, Alabama was excellent and cared about customer satisfaction.

At approx 3,000 miles we started to hear a whining noise coming from the front of the car. At 3,500 miles the car was due for service so we asked the customer agent to have it looked into. Mike (the customer service agent from Jerry Damson Honda in Huntsville Alabama) rode in the car with me and told me I was hearing "road noise". I've driven a lot of cars and I know what road noise is and this wasn't it. We were to have another customer service agent ride and as he was getting in Mike stated that it was road noise so guess what ? That was the conclusion the second agent came to as well !. I disagreed and they stated that at 7,500 miles when the tires were rotated if the noise didn't go away then they would look into it.

The noise steadily got louder so at the 7,500 mile service nobody had trouble hearing it.

At first, Carey, the service manager at Jerry Damson Honda in Huntsville, Alabama told me "it's a characteristic of the vehicle". Meaning that they weren't going to do anything about it.

Finally, Carey, the service manager at Jerry Damson Honda in Huntsville, Alabama had me meet with the factory rep. After riding in the car, he agreed to have the transmission replaced. It took a few weeks for the transmission to arrive.

The day the car was ready, Brandon of Jerry Damson Honda in Huntsville, Alabama told me on the phone that there was still a noise and that Carey (the service manager at Jerry Damson Honda in Huntsville, Alabama) would be calling me when he returned from vacation.

We never got a call from Carey.

When the transmission was replaced it turns out they used a remanufactured transmission instead of a new one. This should not be a problem, but guess what. We now have different problems. We have two different noises now. A whine and a shuffling noise at different speeds. There is now a strange "lurch" or "pull" sensation sometimes when going from first to second gear. And at times it is impossible to remove the key when you place the car in Park unless you jiggle the shift lever. Prior to the transmission changeout we would get 400 miles on a tank of gas before the "reserve light:" would illuminate. Now it comes on at 342 to 350 miles. There is also a vibration in the transmission at times while it is in second or third gear.

I returned the car to Jerry Damson Honda in Huntsville, Alabama on 8/24/04 (4 weeks after the transmission replacement) to get the shift problem fixed, to discuss the noise problem, shifting characteristics, the fuel consumption and to have the oil changed.

Well, they changed the oil and told me they couldn't reproduce the key removal problem and the rest was "characteristics of the vehicle". I get the feeling I'm being told that crap smells like roses and that I should be satisfied.

The first paragraph of our owners manual states "We want you to be completely satisfied with you new Honda vehicle"... Evidently they don't mean that.

I'm meeting with the factory rep at 1PM on 8/26/04. I will keep this post up to date when I have more info.


Update -

The factory rep rode with me and agreed that there was a noise coming from the transmission. He was unsure if this noise was normal or not but offered to extend the vehicle warranty to 7 years / 100,000 miles. We accepted the offer but will still monitor the transmission noise issue. If it gets worse we will be asking for a transmission replacement.

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